Our work and selected clients we have worked with

#001 The three-part documentary series "Surviving Hothouse Earth" reports on the acute problems of climate change. In close collaboration with other composers, we created a unique soundtrack melting atmospheric sounds, touching orchestral passages and emotional compositions.
#002 In close collaboration with the startup MuseKIT, we develop custom-made music templates for podcasts and videos. One simple melody is then turned into many di erent tracks that serve a variety of genres and moods. This selection should enable the customer to find suitable music for each section of his video and allow the customer to achieve seamless transitions.
#003 Formerly known as APD Events, Antenne Niedersachsen Events is now one of the largest event companies in Lower Saxony. We were asked to produce a soundtrack for the of cial aftermovie of their yearly event "APD Medianight". Unique, futuristic and uplifting were our Keywords.
#004 Musicnotes is one of the world's largest suppliers of sheet music. In close cooperation we regularly publish piano sheet music as "Signature Artist". From modern pop songs to renewed arrangements of old classics and beautiful film music – we have it all.
#005 The German DJ and Producer is known for creating futuristic and modern house music. He combines orchestral elements with unique electronic productions and deep lyrics. His main goal is to bring a fresh sound to the industry and to touch the people the same way he has been touched by music his whole live. We are happy to have him on board.
#006 This up-and-coming artist from Germany is known for a new and unique pop sound. His songs can be classified somewhere between German pop and hip-hop/rap. Melodic hooks and emotional lyrics give a good insight into his life. This long-time partnership has yet evolved into a deep friendship and there is a lot more to come.
#007 Tiidex is known for his explosive shows and his style of combining commercial vocals with emotional future house drops. Nowadays the German DJ and Producer is touring through his home country and makes people dance everywhere. We collaborate with him to achieve his own style of music and support him on his journey.
ZDF Enterprises & Arte
Antenne Niedersachsen Events
Lukas MAX
Peter Baumert